Supported Employment (SEI)

Supportive Employment provides training and supervision for those individuals that have a desire to work.

Once an individual has both achieved a level of independence and a desire to pursue employment, CCC will introduce them to SEI. SEI encompasses Pre-Vocational services, where the individual learns how to interact with a potential employer. They can improve their reading skills and learn how to fill out a job application, preparing them for future employment. Once they have the skills necessary to go on an interview, they work with CCC’s Supportive Employment Specialist, who has a 95% success rate.

The specialist will work with the individual and their family to find out where their interests lie, guiding them through the process. After looking at their strengths and weaknesses, the specialist will teach them how to dress for a job in their field of interest and how to conduct themselves in an interview.

Once an individual has obtained a position, the specialist will work with them on the job to develop their skills and maintain employment. They will not be left alone until the individual, as well as the manager feels that they are prepared to handle their responsibilities independently.

The specialist will regularly check in with the individual and communicate with their supervisors to ensure that everything is moving along smoothly. Our goal is long term employment in a field of their choice. The goal of our SEI department is to provide individuals with not just a job, but a career.

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