Community Access Group

Community Access Group (CAG) is a program based on the premise that community integration is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s life.

Community Access Group (CAG) is a program based on the premise that community integration is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s life. At the day center, individuals are divided into groups based on their likes and needs. These individuals are matched to a staff member that possesses a compatible personality. Activities are geared toward both learning and personal development. These activities are driven by holidays, current events, lifelong learning, popular culture and individual’s interests and they include frequent outings.

There is a monthly calendar as well as a separate group called “Without Walls”. The monthly calendar activities are open to all individuals. They sign up for outings on a monthly basis, attending those outings in wish they show interest. The “Without Walls” program is for those individuals that have a desire to be out in the community, as opposed to spending the day at the Day Center. It features a customized schedule based on the desires of those in the group. They vote on their outings, and have group conversations about topics of interest and concern.

CAG outings include: Bowling, shopping and volunteering, as well as trips to the museums, movies, circus, pottery, parks, and lakes. All individuals spend at least six hours a month out in the community, but many spend much more.  The cost of outings are kept to a minimum and parents/guardians are notified in advance of the costs.

The staff at CCC are a selective group, chosen with a specific purpose in mind. They must have a desire to both care for and improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.  All staff members must have at least six months experience with individuals with disabilities. They have to pass a federal background check, and rigorous training.

Training is updated yearly, along with specialized training for staff caring for individuals with specific needs. All staff receive CPR and First Aid training as well as CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention) training to understand how to care for individuals in a crisis or a medical emergency.

CCC also has a Behavior Specialist, RN, LPN’s, and CNA’s on staff to always provide the highest level of care.
CCC has an Activities Coordinator with experience in the special education field. She plans trips, creates curriculum, and works one on one with the individuals to help them learn and grow.
Our Director of Operations has over ten years of experience (the vast majority of which have been at CCC) working with adults and children with intellectual disabilities. She administers the training and coordinates with the various specialists caring for the individuals.
Our Senior Director has twenty-three years of experience working with individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, as well as a Master’s degree in health and human services administration. She oversees all departments, and stays in close contact with not only her staff, but the families and caregivers of our individuals. Her door is always open. Families, as well as individuals quickly learn that she is a willing listener with an open heart.

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